Age For Gorilla Trekking

February 4, 2022
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One of the biggest and dream tourism activities that people do on a safari to Uganda or to Rwanda is mountain Gorilla tracking. It is one of the most popular activities on any safari in Uganda. The mountain gorillas can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mountain Gorilla tracking however has some rules that control this activity since these gentle giant animals are endangered thus a call for action for them to be protected by adhering to certain behaviors while going into their natural habitat. The biggest question however is what the minimum age of gorilla tracking is?

Are you planning to travel with young ones to a mountain gorilla safari to Uganda? If your child is at least 14 years and above, then your worries should be minimized. The minimum age for gorilla tracking is 15 years but children with 14 years can be given an exception. Any child below this age cannot be allow unless a special arrangement and permission is sought for from the Uganda Wildlife Authority the main conservation body and overall overseer of protected areas in Uganda.

Some of the factors that can be used to give special permission to children below the age of 15 years include among others; the child should be at least 5.8 feet tall and just a few months away from turning 15 years of age. These requirements are usually similar throughout Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo where this activity takes place.

You will need to write a letter to the Uganda Wildlife Authority with the help of a local tour operator say Journeys Uganda as your Uganda gorilla safari planner at least three months prior to the travel date with the passports as supporting documents. It is easier for the operator to reach out to the relevant authorities and the communication chain is shortened since most of the communication is face to face. Gorilla tracking just like safaris with all the other animals is not very safe since these are wild animals and their behavior can change depending on very many surrounding factors and therefore precautions have to be made and safety is always the number one role of your ranger guide and the escorts who are in your company from the beginning to the end of the gorilla tracking experience in Uganda.


Some of the things that can make a gorilla charge are flashlights from cameras and children below the age 15 may not be able to take these precautions without the help of an adult. The attention and concentration of such children is also low and they may easily go off the instruction, do and don’ts always given by the head ranger guide before tracking and do things that may endanger their lives. The forests that harbor these gorillas are usually thick with tinny or no trails at all which means any unguided walks by for example kids would make it hard to trace the person if they disappeared thus putting their lives in danger.


Naturally, kids are very playful. There are chances they will slow down the gorilla trekking process yet this activity has a planned time considering very many factors and if the gorillas are not sighted, the terms of refund are very bureaucratic and that is if you only lucky and very patient. A group of mountain gorillas is usually tracked by 8 people (tourists) who have prepared, saved and travelled journeys to come and experience the magic within these jungles, at times as you maneuver in the jungles, the children might not cope with the entire group probably in their 50s and are physically fit with probably a few chances of seeing the gorillas yet a child has many over them due to the age difference, thus having children alongside the elderly might ruin a life time last dreams of one party and hence a justification for having children sidelined without proper protocol as advised.

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