Flying Safaris in Uganda: A safari in Uganda is an exhilarating experience, but sometimes the drive there is unbearable; it requires bravery

Flying Safaris in Uganda

Flying Safaris in Uganda: A safari in Uganda is an exhilarating experience, but sometimes the drive there is unbearable; it requires bravery to persevere. Fortunately, there are quicker and easier ways to reach your safari destination—you don’t necessarily have to put up with the road drive. The flying safari is one simple method. By cutting down on travel time, a flying safari gives you more time to relax or enjoy leisure activities at your safari destination before engaging in any safari activities. This particular type of safari also facilitates quick and easy connections to many locations.

Flying safaris are offered in Uganda to all ten of the nation’s national parks as well as a number of other safari locations. Usually starting at Entebbe International Airport or the Kajjansi Airfield, Ugandan flying safaris conclude in a national park or airstrips close to the parks.
The two primary local aircraft suppliers in the nation are Fly Uganda and Aerolink Uganda. Both of them offer scheduled flights to the other safari locations as well as daily flights to the main national parks. Even though the plane takes off and lands every day, you must reserve your seat at least a few days in advance so that everything is ready for you.

A duffel bag is a good idea if you want to travel light. Remaining inside the 30-pound luggage weight limit is crucial while travelling on a flight safari in the nation. Nevertheless, it is reasonable that it would be challenging to pack just the necessities for your safari; as a result, you might need to store your extras at our office, check into the first hotel you stay at after arriving, or have your driver guide transport them there. All of the nation’s national parks are accessible by air, as was previously said.

The list of parks with regularly scheduled daily flights is shown below.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is a popular safari destination and home to tree-climbing lions. It’s the closest park to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, making it an excellent combination to get the most out of your time in Uganda, especially if you’re short on time.
Kasese Airstrip located an hour away from the park, and Mweya Airstrip, located within the park, both serve the park. Kihihi Airfield serves the Ishasha sector for chartered flights and the Ishasha sector for daily scheduled flights.

Rwenzori Mountains and Kibale National Park Flying safaris in Uganda

The Kasese airport is the nearest to the park and the several lodges around, providing access to both Kibale National Park and Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The flight takes around one hour and fifty minutes, including possible stops at the Mweya or Kihihi airstrips. Depending on the state of the roads, travel from the airfield to Kibale National Park takes approximately 1.5 hours, and the drive to Rwenzori takes approximately 30 minutes

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

More than half of the mountain gorilla population left in the world calls Bwindi National Park, arguably the most popular national park in Uganda, home. Travelling by car to this well-known park takes roughly ten hours, but travelling by air only takes an hour and fifty minutes.
The majority of flights to Bwindi are booked for the morning, and depending on which sector of the park you’re visiting, you’ll land at one of two significant airstrips in the area. Kihihi Airstrip and Kisoro Airfield are the airstrips.
If you are visiting the Buhoma and Ruhija sectors of Bwindi, Kihihi Airstrip is excellent, and if you are visiting the Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors, Kisoro Airfield is ideal. It will take you less than two hours to go by car from the airstrips to the parks.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Flying safaris in Uganda

Similar to certain areas of Bwindi, the Kisoro Airfield serves the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. It takes an hour and fifty minutes to get there from Entebbe International Airport. Depending on road conditions, the trip from the airstrip to the park takes around an hour. Daily scheduled flights, only during the morning, are operated from Entebbe to this airstrip.

Murchison Falls National Park

There are three airstrips in Murchison Falls National Park: Bugungu, Pakuba, and Chobe. These are where you land when you take a plane there. The park contains the airstrips at Pakuba, Bugungu, and Chobe, which are situated within, outside, and in the park’s eastern region, respectively. From Kajjansi Airfield or Entebbe International Airport, the flight takes around 1.5 hours.

Kidepo Valley National Park Flying safaris in Uganda

The northeastern region, which borders South Sudan and Kenya, is home to Kidepo Valley National Park. It is the park with the greatest need for aviation because it is the furthest from Entebbe International Airport and the capital city of Kampala. The Kidepo Airfield is situated inside the park, and it is where visitors arriving by air will land. There is a road that connects the airstrip to the park. The two-and-a-half-hour flight to and from Kidepo National Park is currently only scheduled on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and requires a minimum of seven passengers, or additional seats must be paid for to reach the seven-person maximum.

Lake Mburo National Park

The Nyakisharara airstrip, which is an hour and a half from the park, serves this little park, which is roughly four hours away from Kampala by road, but while on flying safaris in Uganda, it is roughly 1 hour.

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki Airfield, situated in the Toro Semuliki game area, serves Semuliki National Park as an airfield. There is a daily flight to Semuliki, however, a minimum of four passengers is needed. Semuliki Airfield is around 1.5 hours away from Entebbe International Park.

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