How do Gorillas Behave Although strong gorillas are largely placid and shy living in Social Structures

How do Gorillas Behave

March 26, 2022
News Journeys Uganda

How do Gorillas Behave, Although strong and powerful, gorillas are largely placid and shy living in Social Structures and just like any other primates, gorillas live in a group called a troop and are generally social and always have daily activities mostly dictated by the silver buck, and as in humans, behaviors vary from one individual to another and at times interact with different species in the same hoe range take for chimpanzee and they re so caring and protective mostly of the young.

A gorilla troop is always led by the oldest male which is dominant and called a silverback, this male gorilla is is to ensure that the troop is well protected and safe, that is why if one grows older and weaker, it paves way for a male gorilla which is young and energetic enough to protect the family and it becomes the overseer and a well respected gorilla in the group. When in a threatening situation, this young male will fiercely thump its chest, produce loud frowning vocalizations and a strong odor detectable by experienced humans in gorillas behaviors 25 yards away from where it is, throw vegetation and charge at its the intruder in essence, most of their charges are bluffs; it does all this while the other gorillas in the troop technically retreat, and if it becomes intense, the leader will also follow suit.

Just like chimpanzee, Gorillas are mostly quadrupedal that is walk and stand on 4 limbs with limited bipedal (two-footed) movements. Gorillas and chimpanzees walk on their knuckles and not on their palms like other primates, this is one of the aiding factors to gorilla tracking as the trackers follow the direction of the knuckles.