Journeys Uganda Travel Information Welcome To Journeys Uganda, is above all the signature company for luxury trips in Uganda and Rwanda

Journeys Uganda Travel Information

March 26, 2022
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Journeys Uganda Travel Information Welcome To Journeys Uganda

Journeys Uganda is above all the signature company for luxury trips in Uganda and Rwanda with state of the art customer service and carefully handpicked service providers to partner with and make your African holiday a beautiful dream with clear HD memories imprinted forever.

Luxury trips in Uganda and Rwanda features mountain gorilla trekking Safaris, primates watchculture and heritage holidays, honeymoon, beach holidays, wild life views, boat cruises, adrenaline packed adventure like kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking, mountain hiking you name it, short and long tours, city tours birding tours, eco tours, chimpanzee trekking and habituation, and so much more.

Journeys Uganda has been in business for quite some time and many of our clients have rated us as one of the best tour companies in Uganda and Rwanda with naturalist guides who are passionate about their work, the environment and the place we call home. We pride ourselves for having the most knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate staff

With journeys Uganda you will definitely enjoy the greatest Uganda or Rwanda tour experience in our 4×4 luxurious land cruisers customized to perfection to suite your comfort while you enjoy the scenic beauty, wildlife and the fresh breeze from the countryside and virgin forests.

We offer both combined Rwanda Uganda tours and Rwanda or Uganda tours singularly with specifically professional guide who are passionate both about the area and their work. They are knowledgeable and value you’re visit that’s why they are waiting to share their knowledge with you unselfishly.

Our trips begin at Entebbe and Kigali international airports and end there unless the clients ask otherwise. We accept payment in cash, in Euros, ponds, dollars and credit cards, master cards and visa cards

Upon you’re contact with us on the address below we will be more than glad to tirelessly see to it that you receive a satisfactory response within 24 hours of contacting Journeys Uganda.  you can visit us at our offices on teacher’s houses Bombo road Kampala Uganda suite 302 or Checkout more information on journeys Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Are you a gorilla fanatic? Then these Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris are specially meant for you. Experience the reality of nature as you encounter these magnificent mountain gorillas in three different locations.