Rwanda is commonly known as the land of rolling thousand hills, Rwanda’s picturesque scenery and calm, friendly people offer special experiences. Rwanda is a landlocked country in East Africa sharing the west harm of the Great Rift Valley where the African Great Lakes region lies. With its capital being Kigali, and one of the smallest countries on the African mainland.

Rwanda’s beautiful scenery and warm, friendly communities offer unique adventurous experiences and this makes it one of the best remarkable countries across the world. It is blessed with an extraordinarily wide range of biodiversity, with incredible wildlife species living throughout its volcanoes, montane rainforest, and sweeping savanna plains. Visit Kigali city for a glimpse about the most unique historical experience exhibited at the Kigali genocide memorial, encounter the most exciting endangered species in their natural habitat at Volcanoes National park for Gorillas and Golden monkeys Trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, and canopy walk experience takes place in Nyungwe Forest National park which is one of the oldest montane rain forest in the tropics region, Akagera National Park is one of the most spectacular savanna parks in African with the highest chances of encountering the big fives.

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Rwanda Gorilla, chimpanzee Tracking

7 Days Rwanda Gorilla, chimpanzee Tracking

For those who loved the book and/or movie ”Gorilla In The Mist” the Dian Fossey tracking is a good option. Over the course of the morning you follow in Dian

Rwanda Short Gorilla Safaris

1 Day Gorilla Safari In Rwanda
This one days Rwanda gorilla safari one of its kind, since we are selling a dream and you have had one encountering these hairy

8 Days Rwanda Primates Safari

Explore the land of a thousand hills and the primates that grace these hills from the small but safe clean Kigali city to the large and rich biodiversity of the

6 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Memorials

For those seeking to learn and understand the kingdom of the gorillas, this is the best sign up for you. If you read and loved the book ”Gorilla In The

8 Days Rwanda Primates & Wildlife Safari

Day 1: Short southern lake circuit game drive around Akagera National Park
Arrive at Kigali International Airport and be greeted by our professional and local guides. You will then be

4 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Golden Monkey Trekking

4 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Golden Monkey Trekking

This 4 days Rwanda Gorillas and Golden Monkey trekking safari starts and ends in Rwanda Kigali. It gives us a chance of seeing the giant and gentle gorillas with a

5 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

In this five days gorilla adventure, we visit the volcanoes National park for a chance to encounter some of the few remaining mountain gorillas in the world. The experience is

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & Hiking Safari

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking – Experience the thrilling and humbling experience of trekking though the forested slopes of the virunga to encounter some of the the few remaining mountain gorillas in the wild.

3 Days Rwanda Safari to Nyungwe

Nyungwe Forest National Park is the only place in Rwanda where you can track Chimpanzees in Rwanda. Chimpanzees share a higher percentage of  DNA with humans than any other animals. They

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek

Parc National des Volcans is a section of the large Virunga Conservation Area found in Rwanda and is situated at the extreme Northwestern part of Rwanda at the border with Congo

12 Days Uganda Rwanda Primates

Discover the best of Uganda Rwanda Primates, the land of a thousand hills and the pearl of Africa. Follow in the footsteps of many great travelers who have experience the untouched