The furtive of the Royal Mile with Paul Tamwenya

The furtive of the Royal Mile with Paul Tamwenya

March 10, 2016
News Journeys Uganda

The furtive of the Royal Mile with Paul Tamwenya: Birding in The Royal Mile with this group was the most interesting.

We started with a slow morning and ended up surprised with great views of the African Dwarf Kingfisher, Ituri Batis, chestnut Capped Flycatcher, White Thighed Hornbill, Chocolate Backed Kingfisher, Lemon Bellied Crombec, to mention but these among the Guinea-Congo Biome endemics. Other rare sightings were the White-spotted Flufftail always missed to be seen on many of my birding trips but often heard, Narina Tragon, Red Tailed Ant-Thrush, Fire Crested Alethe, Olive Green Cameroptera, Uganda Woodland Warbler among others. We had good views of primates like the Blue, Red Tailed and Black and White Collobus Monkeys, it was one of the lucky days to see the shy Tree Hyrax.

The Royal mile was very popular in the ancient days of Africa when Uganda had not been yet formed, but composed of Kingdoms and chiefdoms, the King of Bunyoro used to carry out most of his ceremonies here hence the origin of the name ’ROYAL MILE’. The area is part of the Murchison Falls Conservation Area and in the Budongo section south of the park which covers an area of 793 km² where there is a forest cover of 53%, with a big grassland that stretches north of the section. It is generally a low land tropical rainforest lying between 700-1270m a.s.l. Budongo as a whole is blessed with numerous biodiversity of about 23 spp of small mammals; 9 primates; 465 spp of trees and shrubs; with over 350 spp of birds; 289 species of butterflies; and 130 species of moths this haven of wildlife was gazetted in 1932.

Uganda now being the ‘Eden Of Birding’ in Africa and Perhaps the whole world with 10% of the global bird spp in a cocooned total area of 90,041sq miles, it is among the highlighted birding destinations and The Royal is a very Big focus of any tourist who has not birded West Africa and Semliki National Park in western Uganda as we have many visiting spp not seen anywhere in East Central Africa like the Rufous Crowned Eremomela, Ituri Batis. Lemon Bellied Crombec, Chocolate Backed and African Dwarf Kingfisher, Chestnut Capped and Forest Flycatcher, White Thighed Hornbill and many more.

Many companies are mushrooming and geared towards promoting bird watching safaris and this is one of the key destinations featured. Take an adventure and feel the beauty of nature in waiting, this is coupled with great gorilla safaris and other wildlife. ‘The furtive of the Royal Mile with Paul Tamwenya‘ Written By Paul Tamwenya