1 Day Entebbe Tour



Entebbe is the first colonial capital of Uganda and so far holds the only International Airport of Uganda thus being the first town that welcomes you upon your arrival to Uganda. The town is surrounded by Lake Victoria one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world and lies besides the beautiful botanical garden, good hotels that have beautiful views of the Lake and the white sand beaches, besides the gardens, the other attraction we take you to is the Uganda Wildlife education center which gives you a sample of the rich wildlife that Uganda has to offer including the Uganda Kob and the Grey Crowned Crane Uganda’s national emblaes,  together with the lions, Serval Cat, Rhinos, Giraffe, Shoebill, Varvet, Patas and Collobus monkeys, and many more.

Our 1 day Entebbe tour will be basically concentrated on this. However, for those in interested in culture, we have other sites that we can feature for you and for further details, please contact our travel expert!!

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