Uganda Heritage Tourism a big money maker

Uganda Heritage Tourism a big money maker

February 3, 2017
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Uganda Heritage Tourism a big money maker; In tourism terms, Uganda is popularly known for gorilla trekking safaris, easily heard about because of The mighty Nile and basically Idi Amin.

Uganda has been revealed as the most ethnically mixed country on the planet according to a new scientific study that blows apart misconceptions that western nations are the most racially diverse. This gives Uganda a unique and endemic attraction that its competitors do not have this allows people who involve in tourism earn more and fast hence terming Tourism a big money maker.

Paul Tamwenya as trainer of Uganda safari guide and nature explorer, I have always emphasized that we always have more time with the 2 legged animals than the 4 legged ones.

Tourists to Uganda as a safari destination are very interested in interacting with the people, and understanding the way of they live and lived. In some parks, Cultural Tourism In Uganda  is a little demonstrated trying to give how the pygmies in  Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable lived.

But there is something new to look forward to when you visit the region, and that is a tourism circuit that captures the culture and way of life of the locals.

The Uganda Cultural Guides Club has researched on and established many cultural tourism trails which should be coupled with other Uganda safari packages. On average, to get an immersion into the cultures of the people of Uganda, you need a minimum of 20 days on a safari.

There are diverse products from almost all corners of Uganda is home to more than 40 different indigenous ethnic groups, including the Bantu who are the biggest tribe in the country, The Nilotics, Luo and the Nile Hamites – all of which have their own languages, cultures and customs and the likes.

These cultures are all summarized in the Uganda National Museum Kmwokya but is aided with several new private museums like the Kabale Arts Centre detailing the Bakiga way of life which has historical and traditional highlights of how the Bakiga resisted the colonialists, how virgins were punished and controversial cultural practices and beliefs of how a woman was clan property.

Modern developments such as sliding doors and elevators are also included in the depictions in the small museum and this extends all the way to Lake Bunyonyi one of the deepest in Africa, to appreciate this culture more there are ancient craft shops, schools, and community walks that tourists can explore and once with a knowledgeable guide, they will appreciate this.

Mbarara town which is about 4 hours of driving has the Igongo Cultural Center in addition to having fine hotel rooms, has a well researched museum with a clear depiction on Ankole culture, this is the way to go and as Ugandans we need to embrace this, lets not only look at one product the gorillas that are shared among three countries, the cultures only belong to Ugandans and they will never be in any other place world over!