Uganda is landlocked and falls at the confluence of a number of regional centers of endemism or biomes in Central Africa, each with characteristic avifauna. From the source of the Nile on Lake Victoria to the snow-capped Rwenzori ranges, the montane forests and volcanoes to the semi-arid plains of Karamoja, Uganda is an equatorial country of astonishing contrast.

Over 20% of the surface area of Uganda is covered by wetlands – both open water bodies and marshes of Papyrus reed beds, Miscanthus, etc. Not less than 210 species, ranging from the Shoebill and African Skimmer to the endemic Fox’s Weaver, are found in these wetlands. In addition to the above are four Papyrus endemics: the Papyrus Gonolek, Papyrus Canary, White-winged Warbler and Papyrus Yellow Warbler. Bi-annual waterfowl counts in Uganda have further revealed the roost of 2 to 3 million White-winged Black Terns in Lutembe bay. In Uganda savanna varies from the remote, semi-desert, dry thorn-scrub region of Karamoja in the Northeast, to the richer fertile savannas of the western rift valley. Queen Elizabeth National Park alone has a bird list of 611 species.

There is undoubtedly no other area in Africa that can match Uganda’s astounding diversity of habitats (despite the fact that there are no coastal habitats). This richness is reflected in the burgeoning bird list of over 1030 species, representing more than half of the bird species found in the whole of Africa, over 10% of the world bird list! Imagine 5 biomes in an area of 236,040 sq km!

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14 Days Albertine Rift Endemic African Bird Watching Tour

This tour takes you to some of the best African birding destinations exposing you to a couple of Albertine rift and Guinea Congo Biome endemics. On this birding safari we have a main focus on Broadbills – African, Rufous Sided and African Green, the other key species will be the Green Breasted Pitta in Kibale [...]

18 Days Uganda Birding & Primates Tour

Trip Summary

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda
Day 2: Birding Mabamba and the Environs.
Day : Birding to Murchison Falls National Park Via Kaniyo Pabidi.

14 Days Uganda Forest Birding

This is a safari basically for people with an interest in finding those rare skulking bird species. This safaris takes us to Budongo Forest part of Murchison Falls Conservation area,

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11 Days Apes and Aves Uganda Rwanda Safari

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Entebbe Botanical Gardens – Weekend Birding Tour

Weekend Birding: Entebbe Botanical Gardens And Mabamba Islands
You will be welcomed by a representative of Journeys Uganda who will transfer you to your respective place of accommodation in Entebbe.

11 Days Savannah and Water Birding in Uganda

Savannah and Water Birding in Uganda
This bird watching vacation is meant for birders who would like to have it relaxed. It is very recommendable even to birding couples in

9 Days Uganda Easy Birding Safari

This birding safari is meant for birders who would like to have it relaxed. It is very recommendable even to birding couples in their honeymoon. Please come enjoy with us

15 Days Photography, Primates  & Birding safari in Uganda

Excellent birding, scenery, wildlife and undisturbed interaction with Nature in Uganda; this and much more is what Journeys Uganda brings to you on this Primates, Birding and photography trip. From

16 Days Albertine Rift Endemic bird watching Safari to Uganda

The Albertine Rift is the western arm of the East African Great Rift valley, straddling over Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania. It is one of the Richest Zones with

17 Days Best Uganda Birding and Wildlife Safari

Birding in Uganda and the neighbouring countries for about two – three weeks with a keen and a trained professional birding guide from Journeys Uganda in the different and diverse

21 days Best Multi Habitat Birding Trip to Uganda

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30 Days Hardcore Birding Safari In Uganda.

Departs in the dry seasons and at Journey Uganda we recommend if for the months of June, July, August, December, January and February from Entebbe International Airport Uganda for 30 days

14 Days Birding In Uganda For Specials

14 Days Birding In Uganda For Specials

This 14 Days Birding In Uganda is a special trip for any bird watcher with interests in getting to know the unique and rare bird species in Uganda. We are