Uganda is not only a country richly blessed with lots of wildlife, birds, great weather, breath taking landscapes, but also with a rich diversity of untapped culture and heritage. With 30 plus tribes, Uganda safaris is definitely the ultimate place to experience the diverse cultural immersion. From the assorted cultural mosaic of music, art, food and hand crafts to the cultural norms, the rituals, and royal regalia the experience is unmatched. With three distinct linguistic groups namely the Bantu, nilotics, and the central Sudanese people. Each encounter, presents you with a different set of practices and beliefs.

The central region is mostly inhabited by the Bantu specifically the Baganda whose history is mostly synonymous with that of Uganda. Other Bantu tribes include the Banyankole, Bakiga, Batooro in western Uganda, Busoga, Bagisu Bagwere among others, then the northern and eastern area of the country are mostly the nilotics who include the Acholis, Itesots, langis, Alur Karamojongs, Iks to mention but these, they were the first cattle herding people in the area, but later relied on cultivation to supplement their livestock. The central Sudanic people most of whom live in the north western part of the country include the lugbaras, Alurus, madis, among others speak a similar language and have strong cultural similarities.

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10 Days Uganda Cultural Tourism Safari

Not only the natural beauty and matchless wildlife, Uganda has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage as well. Many regions in Uganda still have Kingdoms and other chiefdoms, like