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March 28, 2022
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Uganda is blessed with various tourist attractions and activities that one can see and engage in while exploring the Pearl of Africa. On your vacation or holiday, plan a tour to Uganda and enjoy unforgettable experiences visiting some of the most beautiful and inimitable places on the continent. There are many things to see and do on a Uganda tour that cannot be found in any other East Africa country. From primate safaris, the big five wildlife, and amazing cultures with exceptional birding trips.

Uganda is the number one primate destination not only in Africa but the whole world, being a habitat to over half of the mountain gorilla population in the world as well as different cultures and wildlife such as the biggest population of the majestic Rothschild giraffes, an increasing number of elephants, the best areas for birding, with endemic bird species which are rare in other parts of Africa, various fresh waters like Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, river Nile where one can go for boat cruises and white water rafting. In addition to that, Uganda tours also offer other activities like climbing mountain the Sabinyo, Muhabura and the Gahinga Volcanoes, Mountains Elgon, and the Rwenzoris plus many more make Uganda be the most attractive destination with natural habitats for wildlife, Uganda is also known as the center of tourism on the continent of Africa.

Top things to do and see in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking.

Uganda is the number one destination in Africa where you can go and stay for 1 to 4 hours with habituated gorilla families in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park Rushaga section or track the habituated gorillas in both Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Nationa Park or Mgahinga gorilla national park and they are both found in the southwestern sides of Uganda. A visit to Uganda without seeing half of the world’s mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is incomplete.

Visiting mountain gorillas is the one of tourist attractions that you should not miss out and Uganda is the best destination, where you can make your dream complete in one hour or you can do a gorilla habituation experience which allows you to spend 4 hours in meter with endangered mountain gorillas. In Uganda, gorilla permits are available at any time of the year which goes at $700 for one hour per person per trek and is carried out by only 8 people per family or you can buy a gorilla habituation experience which costs 1500 for four hours with 4 people.

Chimpanzee trekking

Uganda also offers chimpanzee trekking and Kibale forest national park is the best destination to do this activity. On your Uganda tour, go to Kibale forest national park for one-hour 0r fours habituation experience where you will enjoy an amazing experience that cannot be found elsewhere in the natural habitats of East Africa due to its high concentration of chimpanzees. Kibale forest is also known as the primate capital.

Exploring Kidepo valley national park.

The distant and virgin Kidepo valley has been referred to as a number one destination by most travelers. CNN Travel has listed this park as the 3rd best national park in the entire Africa. It is also called the lost Eden. While at Kidepo national park, you have an opportunity to see lions, buffaloes, leopards, and others.

The Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree-climbing lions at Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park, which is the best place not only in Uganda but entire East Africa for spotting the tree climbing lions. Spotting the tree climbing lions during game drives is among of the best experiences one should not miss out on his /her safari in Queen Elizabeth national park.

The River Nile

Uganda is also blessed with large lakes like a source of river Nile in Jinja, Lake Victoria, which are the best places for white water rafting, kayaking, and bungee jumping. You will see the White Nile flows north into Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea, you should not also miss out to the Nile while pouring its water into the western rift escarpment in Murchison falls national park which is among the most waterfalls in the world as well as hiking the most amazing waterfall.

The golden monkey trekking

Golden monkey tracking in Uganda is carried out in Mgahinga gorilla national park which has several groups that are already open for tourists. You can also do a golden monkey habituation experience and explore more of these creatures which live in the bamboo area. Golden monkeys are unique to other primates and little is known about the mannerisms of the Golden Monkeys except for the fact that they live in social groups of about 10-100 individuals and it is among the endangered species but this is due to slow reproduction hence registering a slow growth in the number. The golden Monkey can live for up to 19 years and they are very playful Monkeys in general, for any primate enthusiast, visiting Uganda will be a highlight as you have a mix of the Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Golden Monkey on you Uganda Safari


Birding in Uganda

The unique globally threatened Shoebill Stork and other unique rarities.

The Shoebill Stork’s natural habitat is in danger, legends and myths have gotten killed, their eggs are taken for international trade but Uganda still has various destinations where one can go and enjoy the unique bird on earth. Areas to find the Shoebills in Uganda are the Mabamba wetlands, Lugogo swamp, River Nile along Murchison falls national park, mashes in Eastern Uganda, the Lake Albert habitat way from Semlik to the start of the Albert Nile and not only the Shoebill, but Uganda is amongst the most popular birding destinations globally due to the burgeoning list with one Endemic species the Fox’s weaver, close to 30 Albertine Rift Endemic, many globally threatened papyrus rarities and numerous Guinea Congo biome endemics all these in a very small Uganda makes it a country any birder should tick off their bucket list before they rest the binoculars, cameras and scopes.


Rhino Tracking

Visiting the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Encountering the Rhinos in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, along the way to Murchison falls, Ziwa sanctuary is the only place where you will be able to see and track Rhinos in the wild. Presently there are thirty two (32) southern White Rhinos this sanctuary is a great habitat to other game and has brought back hope for the restoration of Rhinos in the wild which got extinct when Uganda had endless political turmoil from the early 1970s to mid-1980s. While here, you will be able to have trek rhinos by foot and you will also have an unforgettable experience as you are guided by a ranger who will take you through this amazing trek.


Hot springs

Uganda Kitagata Hot Springs is a very small country gifted by nature and has close to 7 Hot springs, these are physical features formed as a result of hot water being produced by the emergence of geothermal-heat from the earth’s crust to the surface, among the hot springs in Uganda we do have most of them in the western Uganda area and a few in the north including; Rwagimba Hot Springs, Ihimba Hot Springs, Buranga Hot Springs, Kibiro Hot Springs, Amoropii Hot Springs, Kitagata Hot Springs and Sempaya Hot Springs which are highly visited and among the tourist attractions which Uganda has to offer. Sempaya hot springs are found in Semliki National Park and we have both the male and female. At these hot springs, people can boil their materials like eggs and plantations and it is the most trending activity in the Semliki National Park.


 Hiking Sipi falls.

The Sipi falls are the most amazing and tallest falls found in Eastern Uganda. The falls also give Uganda stunning scenery, many people say that Sipi falls are the ‘most romantic falls’ in Uganda evidence with beauty given the length and different forms of views in different angles.  The area is also where most hikes to Mount Elgon start. Hiking up to the falls gives attractive scenic views such as Lake Kyoga, Coffee plantations, the beautiful views of the Karamoja plains , plus other surrounding areas.

Uganda has many tourist attractions; you can climb the highest peak in Rwenzori mountain national park of the country or hike mountain Elgon leading you to the biggest Caldera in Uganda, things to see and to do are endless therefore, for more information about what to do and see in this destination contact Journeys Uganda now to organize for you a tour in Uganda where you will enjoy and have a memorable experience for a life time.


Adventure safaris

White Water rafting trip on the Nile River near Jinja which is the East-African Adventure Capital will switch you into moments from lazy relaxation on one of the world’s most iconic rivers to crashing through class five rapids which is very much adrenaline taking. We partner with Raft Uganda one of the local and excellent rafting company, providing good training, equipment and refreshments while undertaking the white water rafting activity.

Another adventure we have along the river is the High Nile Bungee Jumping over the Nile from one of the most spectacular bungee jumping spots in the entire world specialize in water touches, tandem jumps and full-moon jumps, come adventure with Journeys Uganda for your lifetime memory safaris in Uganda.




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